Because the Coworking environment has changed the life of Freelancers.

Since its inception in 2005, in San Francisco, coworking has evolved a lot. From a simple sharing of low-cost spaces it has become a place of exchange, where strong networks are created and new opportunities open up. For this reason I have chosen to establish my office in Kaboom, a small coworking present in the characteristic center of Abbiategrasso. Before this choice, like many freelance graphic designers, I struggled to give myself the right rhythm, the day often became the night and there was never a start and an end time of work activities in a continuous negative contamination between private life and work life. Making the initial choice was more complex than expected, at the time I was at the beginning of the freelance and every cent I earned was reinvested to increase my network of new customers. Thinking of having to invest even in a workspace that wasn't "free" seemed exaggerated to me. My thought was definitely wrong and the result of inexperience on logistics, in a short time he changed his mind and the search for an "office solution" became a primary necessity. The reasons that made me mature and understand the need for a space for work use were initially brought by my own clients. Many of them did not have a proper meeting space at their premises, which always posed great challenges for holding useful meetings and encounters during the creative and design process. In addition, it was very difficult for me to move every time with card samples, Pantones, proofs and printing tests, risking not only to ruin the material on which to work with the client, but also my own working supports. So the first necessity was practical, almost an involuntary request for an external necessity. I didn't know that indulging her would change my working life forever.

think studio room

Over time, I realized that the choice I made had changed my lifestyle. Bringing schedules back to a semblance of normality and giving me the opportunity to divide the working world from that of my private life. Not only that, I discovered a serene environment where I can work and concentrate, a place where I can also receive my clients safely (given the pandemic) and where I can lean on for the storage of my commonly used materials. Being specialized in Branding and UxUi, I have a huge amount of samples from various paper mills including Fedrigoni, Favini, Burgo, etc; Pantone sample books, books and manuals and other useful equipment both for practical work and for the phase of creative inspiration. Over time, moreover, I have understood the potential of the network that is created within these mystical places, where many professionals gravitate. From the accountant to the developer, from the lawyer to the HR, passing through journalists, social media managers, other graphic colleagues, all have brought something in the collective that are direct or indirect opportunities that have allowed me to grow and compare myself. Not only that, they are also an excellent basis for User Experience research and A / B tests on various projects, representing a varied and valid sample of possible users of any brand. Leaving aside the economic benefits, which are undeniable, I could never go back to my previous life, and I advise anyone who is undecided or hesitant to take this step. It is not necessary to go to a large coworking in a capital like Milan, there are a lot of small well-equipped and structured coworking centers (such as Kaboom ) where you can lean on, this will also make getting around easier, saving you more time and money (I walk to the office and it takes 10 minutes), improving the quality of your life and giving you opportunities that were not accessible to you before. Take this step, you will be satisfied.

If you are looking for a space in the area, here is the link of Kaboom: