Unilinea was founded in 1999 in Milan, offers management services in the Outsourcing and Recruiting branch, during the company's growth it specializes in the banking and financial sector. Today, part of the AxL Group, it is a reference point for Outsourcing which aims to allow companies to dedicate qualified resources to their vocation. After 20 years from the establishment it was decided to develop a restyling of the image and communication: the logo, the corporate identity and the uxui website were completely redesigned.

Through an ad hoc designed logo and the use of bright and bold colors, the brand moves in one direction
more contemporary, a fresher but at the same time institutional approach. Being a responsive logotype, the pictogram represents the namming itself through the use of the phonics of the symbols, in fact it is composed of the mathematical symbol "U" of union and a "line", so that the resulting reading is "Union Line" and therefore Unilinea. While in the extended form of the logotype we played with the shape of the "u" and "a" combined with the reflection of the second "n" to obtain a great stability of the lettering, to convey solidity but also to give freshness and contemporaneity to the brand. The website has been structured to communicate the company's values ​​in a simple and direct way, also thanks to the use of treated videos to harmonize with the brand. The desire, on the part of the client, not to use images containing people as much as possible, gave the opportunity to experiment using images of the Milanese metropolis to convey the various concepts and be a good support for the explanatory texts.

Unilinea logo before and after
Unilinea logo construction
Unilinea corporate font grold
Unilinea pantone palette
Unilinea Business card
Unilinea Business card multi
Unilinea brand identity
Unilinea company profile
Unilinea wall sign
flowchart unilinea website
Unilinea website icon
Unilinea website layout desktop
Unilinea website layout mobile

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